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ARLOON - A new way of teaching

Science applications that spark the curiosity for knowledge.

Arloon Solution Arloon Solution


Easy, fun and 100% curricular: the perfect educational complement for teachers and students.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Turn wherever you happen to be into a virtual lab with augmented reality. Teaching comes to life, enriching the real world with 3D content you hold in your hand.


Make teaching and learning interactive and fun. Students are more motivated by an app-based teaching system that involves games and competition.
On all devices

On all devices

Anytime, anywhere.
Learning should happen at any time and any place. ARLOON works on any device: tablet, smartphone, computer and whiteboard.
High-quality graphics and content
High-quality graphics and content
We pay attention to detail. We believe that the only way to motivate students and improve the learning experience is by providing perfect synergy between the content and the way it is presented.
Infinite Exercises
Infinite exercises
Curiosity has no limits, and nor does ARLOON. Test your knowledge through different types of challenges with unlimited, self-correctable questions.
Intuitive design
Intuitive design
No manual or training required. A well-designed tool doesn’t need to be explained. Make your classes impressive and uncomplicated.

Smart solution for smart schools

We assist schools in teaching with technology

At Arloon we offer a unique educational experience by creating interactive teaching applications.

We deliver high-quality, innovative curricular content that is easy to use and enhances student learning.

Buy ARLOON for your educational institution.

We work with the partners in educative and technologic sectors most important in the world.
Together, we make it possible for ICT to improve education around the world.