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Discover the Arloon APPs Solution for teaching & learning

Science experiences that spark the curiosity.

Arloon Solution Arloon Solution

Arloon APPs Solution

We boost the new educational trends with an innovative technology usage.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality can transform any location into a laboratory. Bring learning to life with digital information superimposed on the physical world.


Teach and learn interactively. Students become more involved in the learning process though games.
All devices

All devices

Learn anywhere you want. Our apps can be used for just-in-time learning as they work on all devices: tablets, smartphones, interactive whiteboards and computers.
Graphic and Content Quality
Graphic and Content Quality
Enjoy high graphic and content quality. We believe that only when there is synergy between the two can the desire to learn be increased.
Infinite Exercises
Infinite Exercises
Challenge yourself through various types of exercises with unlimited questions and receive immediate feedback. The level of difficulty of each topic can be individually configured.
Intuitive Design
Intuitive Design
Our solution is easy to use. Its intuitive design means you have a genuinely helpful tool that will have a real impact on your classes.

Didactic environments otherwise impossible

All devices

Flexibility for learning, productivity for teaching

Educational trends reveal that learning is not confined to the classroom anymore.

Flipped classrooms, webinars, blogs, mobile education, BYOD, LMS and VLE are all testimony to a new learning ecosystem, sought after by conscientious educators and made feasible by new technology.

Arloon is aware of these trends and has developed a solution that works on all devices and platforms, while offering an integrated approach to T&L.

All devices
Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality

Simplification of your classroom management

Engaged students behave better. Keeping this truism in mind, Arloon decided to attack the problem of student motivation. How?

First of all, the student’s curiosity is piqued by the use of an augmented reality visor that improves spatial vision and makes difficult abstract concepts easier to learn.

After that, a high degree of interactivity and the inclusion of game features ensure that the student remains engaged, creating an active and bidirectional learning experience.

Smart solution for smart schools

Arloon APPs Solution, a continuous growing educational platform.

valid for all students at educational centre.

The Arloon APPs Solution offers access to all of today's and tomorrow's content.

Arloon Solution
  • Access to all the Arloon APPs content
  • Working in all devices: Tablets, smartphones, computers and interactive whiteboards
  • Multi-language: English/Spanish/any other
  • Free access for all school teachers
Arloon APPs can be downloaded and tried out for free for a 5-day period.

If you need more time to test the APPs with your students, please let us know.

Technology with intelligence to boost the best educational usage

ARLOON analyzes, plans, designs and builds highly innovative and unique solution to enhance the learning experience. We work with the most representative educational and technological partners wordlwide.

Together, we make it possible for ICT to improve education around the world.

Lanzadera, Academic Choice Smart Media, Awards Entrepreneur XXI Lanzadera, Academic Choice Smart Media, Awards Entrepreneur XXI
Colaboramos con Sahara Consultancy, Microsoft Educator Network, Oculus, Samsung, Etechan international, Worlddidac Association, Qualcomm, Microsoft Colaboramos con Sahara Consultancy, Microsoft Educator Network, Oculus, Samsung, Etechan international, Worlddidac Association, Qualcomm, Microsoft
Dear Zientia user,

Today we are excited to announce an important change at Zientia.

After a fantastic year with you, receiving feedback about Zientia and your experience with us, we have collected all of your ideas and transformed them into a new high-quality product for education called Arloon.

Arloon is our participation in the digital education revolution. We wish to share our education solution around the world, contributing to the improvement of education globally.

We have started by creating unique learning experiences with our educational apps, but this is just the beginning. We have many more ideas to develop, to help teachers and students prepare education for the 21st century.

Now that you know a little bit about Arloon, what about your Zientia registration?

Your data are stored and protected on our servers, and we will use them to keep in touch with you. However, if you prefer to cancel your registration, you can do so by sending an email to

We hope we will continue to meet your expectations by creating innovative and helpful teaching and learning tools to improve your classes.

We will be glad to answer any of your question or doubts, or hear about your ideas at

Thank you very much,

The Zientia team, now Arloon!