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Dear Zientia user,

Today we are excited to announce an important change at Zientia.

After a fantastic year with you, receiving feedback about Zientia and your experience with us, we have collected all of your ideas and transformed them into a new high-quality product for education called Arloon.

Arloon is our participation in the digital education revolution. We wish to share our education solution around the world, contributing to the improvement of education globally.

We have started by creating unique learning experiences with our educational apps, but this is just the beginning. We have many more ideas to develop, to help teachers and students prepare education for the 21st century.

Now that you know a little bit about Arloon, what about your Zientia registration?

Your data are stored and protected on our servers, and we will use them to keep in touch with you. However, if you prefer to cancel your registration, you can do so by sending an email to

We hope we will continue to meet your expectations by creating innovative and helpful teaching and learning tools to improve your classes.

We will be glad to answer any of your question or doubts, or hear about your ideas at

Thank you very much,

The Zientia team, now Arloon!